A Pro-Active Approach to Prevent Surface based Contact Transmission


This pandemic has taught us the primary importance of hand sanitation and general disinfection. However, conventional approach is a rather curative take on disinfection.

Regular disinfection prevent microbial contamination up to a few hours or a day. The infection load increases with time, leaving behind insignificant residues. They have a temporary effect in inactivating the microbes, that too with regular and frequent disinfection programs.

What if we changed that?

Introducing Chemtex BioBubble, a marvel of science, now in India.

Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial Surface Treatment ensures prolonged sanitation in a single use and does not allow microbes to accumulate over surfaces for up to 90 days.

So, how does it work?

Effective on all water resistant hard and soft surfaces, Chemtex BioBubble is an organic formulation having broad spectrum antimicrobial activity that does not allow viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew or fungi buildup on treated surfaces.

Chemtex BioBubble is a Trimethoxysilyl Quaternary Ammonium Chloride based long-lasting invisible antimicrobial coating that kills viruses and bacteria, on contact, for weeks to months. Effective on all water resistant hard and soft surfaces, Chemtex BioBubble is a naturally derived formulation for control of gross microbial colonization on treated surfaces.

The natural derived formulation of Chemtex BioBubble:

The Silane base derived from “Sand” covalently bonds with the application surface undergoing hydrolysis, serves as a surface anchor.

The Positively Charged Nitrogen Atom from “Air” serves as a bonding agent.

The Quaternary 18 Carbon lipophilic Chain or “Spikes” directly pierce through the microbial cells, derives from “Carbon”

Where can we use it?

Chemtex BioBubble is completely non-toxic and easy to apply in public, commercial and residential facilities. Just apply to commonly touched surfaces like hospital handrails, kiosks, elevator buttons, door knobs, bus seats, and other hot spots to create a protective, non-porous coating.

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