12 Jars of 1 ltr

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Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based formulation with added Stabilizers and Aloe Vera extracts for disinfection in  enclosed spaces of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, and cars in operation for long.

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• Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide IP – 0,5% w/w
• Stabilizers – 0,01% w/w
• Inert Ingredients, Aloe Vera Extracts –  Q.S.

How to Use
Keep the AC on during fumigation so that the fumes can recirculate through the AC system and disinfects the air-conditioners.
Allow the fumes to stay for 15-20mins and then exhaust with the help of AC.
Fumigate one area at a time. Switch OFF the smoke detectors temporarily.

Package Contents
12 x 1ltr jars

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Weight 15 kg