1 Jar of 6 litre with Mist & Fog gun

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Silver Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide to be used with atomized and/or manual sprayers for body sanitizing, surface spraying (except on electronics), fruits & vegetable disinfection.  It is most suitable and effective for human walk-through tunnel spraying, and non-toxic vegetables wash.

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Silver Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide IP – 0,5% w/w
Stabilizers – 0,01% w/w

How to Use
Ready-To-Use Formulation, simply fill up the tank of Atomizer / Sprayer with ALSTASAN SILVOX® 150 MIST and start spraying through Atomizers or sprayer. After application allows the surface or skin to air dry. No rinsing required.

Each litre of MIST can serve up to 150 minutes (2.5hrs) of spraying. Usually sufficient for 1 week of use for a household or 1-3 days for an office/studio/showroom/restaurant, depending on traffic.

Package Contents
1 jar of 6ltr 

1 unit of SW-F1200 1200W SAILWIN Nano Spray Steam Guns Disinfection Fog Machine that works as a compact fogger, can be used for fog induced disinfection in Cars, AC, Curtains Upholstery, Sofas, Salons Garment Shops, Office, Auditorium, Club, etc. The machine holds a liquid capacity of 250ml that lasts for 10 minutes, having a coverage area of 10 – 20 sq. metres.
Note: Since the equipment is imported, we don’t offer any warranty.

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