6 bottle of 1 litre + ULV Fogger

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Aerial fogging and fumigation disinfectant, Non-Oxidizing and fast acting Twin chain Quats are effective against airborne mircobial and used for fumigation of critical or infected areas with ULV cold fogger machines

Twin Chain Quaternary Compound

How to use:
Air Fumigation: ALSTASAN LF125 is used at a dilution of 30ml in 1ltr water and fumigated at the rate of 500ml per 1000 cu. ft. (28.3 cubic meter) for indoor spaces and allowed a time of 40 minutes before re-entry.

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Fogger Manual

Package Contents
6 x 1ltr bottles
1 unit of ULV fogger (5ltr SS Tank)
Note: Since the equipment is imported, we don’t offer any warranty.

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Weight 20 kg