Chemtex BioBubble Coat 90D Silane Antimicrobial Coating is a TMS-QAC based long lasting antimicrobial coating that kills viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi instantly, and does not allow pathogens to settle for 90 days straight.

How to Use:

• Pre-clean surfaces with 0.4% solution of Alstasan II 256 (4ml in 1L water)

• Spray BioBubble COAT 90D with manual/automatic sprayer, fogger

• Allow 15-30 minutes to air dry

• Uniformly spread with a clean and dry micro-fibre cloth

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Package Contents:
Contents: 1x700ml bottle of BioBubble COAT 90D bottle

1x600ml bottle of Alstasan II 256

2xMicrofiber cloth

2 x Big stickers

8 x Small stickers

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Weight 1.5 kg