Non Foaming Coil Cleaner

Non-foaming cleaners are formulated for high pressure jet spray cleaning, effectively generating minimal to no foam at all. It is safe for use on all metals and non-metals and requires no extra steps for most applications. These no-foam cleaners are best used in a cleaning application where the most powerful cleaning action is desired for different types of metals to be cleaned in the same parts washer. They are generally slightly alkaline pH degreasers/ cleaners for use in manual, ultrasonic, high jet spray wash, immersion and many other machine cleaning applications. These no-foam cleaner is a safe-handling detergent that can be used for non-corrosive cleaning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Non soapy formulation, no rapid soil re-disposition
  • Slippery residues,
  • Maximum pore penetration removes embedded soils
  • Safe on concrete, tile, grout, epoxy, brick, plastic, ferrous, and non-ferrous surfaces
  • Non foaming chemistry prevents pump and filter damage in auto scrubbers, hot vats, and spray cabinets

Brand Names


ALSTARINSE Range of Non-Foaming Coil Cleaners

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