Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Superabsorbent Polymer in agriculture is mostly prepared from acrylic acids with a cross-linking agent such as potassium or sodium, by solution or suspension polymerization. The polymer so formed is called a polyacrylate whose swelling capacity and gel modulus depends greatly on the quantity and type of cross-linker used.

SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer in Agriculture can assimilate and hold a great degree of water with respect to their own particular mass. Water-retaining polymers are delegated hydrogels which when cross-connected, absorb fluids through hydrogen bonding with water. Its capacity to retain water is an element of the ionic concentration of the watery arrangement.

Hydrogel Agriculture or Superabsorbent Polymer is effective for water utilization in agricultural and horticultural crops in areas with little or negligible amount of rainfall and under limited irrigation conditions. It offers huge economic viability to cultivations and is a boon to dry states and the future generation of farming. Hydrogel polymers/ Super Absorbent polymers (SAP) are a system of polymer chains hydrophilic in nature with water as the dispersion medium.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Increases Water Retention Capacity of the Soil
  • Effectively reduces Irrigation Frequency
  • Limits Water and Nutrient Loss through Soil Leaching
  • Hydrogel Agriculture reduces Evaporation Rate preventing water loss
  • Improves Physical Properties of the Soil by Enhancing Aeration
  • Hydrogel Usage Reduces Water Stress when Mixed with a Substrate
  • Enhances Plant Growth by providing Water and Nutrients at the Root Zone of the Plants
  • Reduces Erosion and Water Runoff
  • Enhances Plant Performance, especially in arid areas
  • Protects the Environment against Drought and Ground Water Contamination
  • Acts as an Insulating Material for Plant Roots in Frosty Winter Conditions
  • Reduces Fertilizer Usage by 15 - 30%

Physiochemical Data

Properties Typical Value
Form Granular
Appearance White
Odour Odourless
Solubility Insoluble; Swells Up

Brand Names

Alsta Hydrogel

Potassium Polyacrylate based Superabsorbent Polymer for Agriculture

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