Alcohol based Surface Disinfectant

Sterile alcohol solutions are used mostly for disinfection of compounding pharmacies and controlled areas. Isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol have been used as low-level disinfectants in healthcare sectors. Multiple disinfectants containing ethyl alcohol and/or isopropyl alcohol combined with other active agents such as quaternary ammonium or phenolic compounds are widely used for disinfecting environmental surfaces in healthcare facilities.

Alcohol based Surface disinfectant are ready-to-use rapid acting formulation that removes particulate matter, dirt, dust, oils, greases and other contaminants, cleaning them effectively. It removes stubborn grime in a simple operation without leaving any residues. It is ideal for cleaning equipment to remove particulate matter, dirt, dust, oils, greases and other contaminants.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast and effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Alcohol based quick dry formulation
  • Non-toxic, environment friendly nature
  • Phosphate free
  • Prevents additional need for acid cleaning
  • Non Residual product
  • Completely volatile


Common Issues with Surface Disinfection:

Cleaning is not disinfecting. Cleaning does not kill germs, but only removes them. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. Preliminary research indicates that the virus may remain viable on non-porous surfaces such as plastic and steel for up to three days.

Regular cleaning of plastic surfaces such as laptops, laminated desk tops, glass, etc., may be look appealing but fails to eliminate pathogens such as the coronavirus. Regular disinfectants are a blend of quaternary compounds, and the evaporative nature ones are acetone based, which do not protect viruses.

Benefits with Alstacol 25+:

  • Special blend of 70% alcohol and 0.3% QAC for enhanced efficacy against pathogens. Alcohol disintegrates the protective lipid layer, and the QAC attacks the protein structures
  • Aldehyde free, safe for human contact surfaces
  • Dual action nature, instant cleaning and disinfection; Spray, wait, wipe
  • Added spreaders and wetting agents to increase spread on surfaces with cost effective dosage
  • Non-tainting nature, safe for use on most MoC (Materials of Construction)

Brand Names

ALSTACOL 25+ (Recommended Spray Disinfectant)

70% Alcohol and 0.3% QAC blended Ready-To-Use Spray Disinfectant

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Main Application Areas include high contact surfaces such mobile phones, laptops, elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, printers/scanners, door handles, security locks, keys, etc.

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Alcohol based Electronic Surface Cleaner

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Handling Measures
and Precautions

Alcohol containing products are all flammable in nature. Proper human safety products such as splash goggles, lab coat, NIOSH approved gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush them with fresh water and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected.


Should be stored in original vented containers, away from heat, direct sunlight and combustibles. Store in a cool and dry place. Please refer label and SDS for details.