Alcohol based Surface Disinfectant

Sterile alcohol solutions are used mostly for disinfection of compounding pharmacies and controlled areas. Isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol have been used as low-level disinfectants in healthcare sectors. Multiple disinfectants containing ethyl alcohol and/or isopropyl alcohol combined with other active agents such as quaternary ammonium or phenolic compounds are widely used for disinfecting environmental surfaces in healthcare facilities.

Alcohol based Surface disinfectant are ready-to-use rapid acting formulation that removes particulate matter, dirt, dust, oils, greases and other contaminants, cleaning them effectively. It removes stubborn grime in a simple operation without leaving any residues. It is ideal for cleaning equipment to remove particulate matter, dirt, dust, oils, greases and other contaminants.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast and effective cleaning and disinfection
  • Alcohol based quick dry formulation
  • Non-toxic, environment friendly nature
  • Phosphate free
  • Prevents additional need for acid cleaning
  • Non Residual product
  • Completely volatile

Brand Names

Alstacol 25+

70% Alcohol and 0.3% QAC blended Ready-To-Use Spray Disinfectant for high contact surfaces such mobiles, laptops, elevator buttons, handrails/ handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, printers/scanners, door handles, security locks, keys, etc.

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Alstaclean CC

Alcohol based Electronic Contact Cleaner

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