Household Chemical Concentrates range of eco-friendly non-toxic chemicals that finds most of its use in household activities, like floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, dish washing chemicals, hand wash, etc come under this categories of concentrates. Cleaning concentrates are diluted for use, meaning they are more economical and cost effective in the longer run, even if the upfront cost for a bulk container is high. Chemical concentrates encourage you to recycle and reuse containers for mixing your own cleaning solutions as needed.


Toilet Cleaner Concentrate

Chemtex Specialty Limited deals with the manufacturing of varied range of quality chemicals lending their assistance to the housekeeping division of different service industries. Toilet cleaning is an essential

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Dishwash Concentrate

Dish Wash Concentrates enable chemical formulators to make and resell their own dish wash, with desired characteristics. It is a concentrated product to be further diluted with salt and water to make a ready-to-use dish wash solution. It is highly-foaming mixture

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Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Heavy-duty floor cleaner and detergent for cleaning floors in workplace areas of factories, workshops, hotels and restaurants, public areas

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Glass Cleaner Concentrates enable chemical formulators to make and resell their own glass cleaner, with desired characteristics. Glass Cleaner Concentrate is a concentrate

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Handwash Concentrate

Hand wash Concentrates enable chemical formulators to make and resell their own hand wash, with desired characteristics. Hand Wash Concentrate product is

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Fabric Softener Concentrate

Fabric Softeners to be used in laundry during the rinse cycle in a washing machine. Fabric softeners may also be permeated in dryer sheets to be used in a clothes dryer. Fabric softeners coat the surface

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White Phenyl Concentrate

White phenyl help in the removal of dirt and grim and leave all surfaces and atmosphere pleasantly smelling. Its application areas being hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics,

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Air Freshener Concentrate

Air Freshener Concentrate is a pleasant long lasting freshener which is designed to eliminate stale odors and refresh rooms. These are Ideal for freshening offices, conference rooms and hotel rooms Long lasting

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