Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Glass Cleaner Concentrates enable chemical formulators to make and resell their own glass cleaner, with desired characteristics. It is a concentrated product only to be diluted further with water to make a ready-to-use cleaner. They offer effective cleaning of any kind of glass surfaces and mirror. The chemicals help in the rapid removal of oily soils and finger marks and leaves the surface clean and streak-free in one action.

Concentrated glass cleaning liquid recommended for daily periodic cleaning applications of glass surfaces and any other see through surfaces. It cleans to sparkle, leaves glass streak free in one action and doesn’t leave marks post application.

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To 200gms of concentrate, add 800gms of DM water and stir moderately (50 - 100RPM approx.) for 10 minutes. Cover vessel with tight lid to avoid evaporation.

Product Variants


Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Blue Coloured

Floral Fragrance

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Yellow Coloured

Lemon Fragrance

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Pink Coloured

Rose Fragrance

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate



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Handling Measures
and Precautions

No stringent measures required for handling. Prolonged usage cause irritation. Should not be injected. Harmful if swallowed. In case of eyes, rinse immediately with fresh water and obtain medical attention.


Should be stored in original vented containers, away from heat, direct sunlight and combustibles. Store in a cool and dry place. Please refer label and SDS for details.