Xanthan Gum | Overview

Chemtex's Xanthan Gum is an all industrial grade, high molecular weight, premium hydrophilic bio-polymer, used in controlling drilling and fracturing fluid rheology. It ensures solid suspension to maximum level and even contributes to borehole cleaning in vertical, highly deviated wells as well as in horizontal directional drilling application.

On application, it carries drill cuttings, and holds trapped solids in suspension without allowing them to flow through the drill pipe. It is a distinctive polymeric compound, a thixotropic sheer thinning fluid and an effective mud filter viscosifier. The primary role of this bio-polymer is to adjust the water injection rheology, increasing the viscosity of the drilling fluid, reducing the permeability of formation water phase and maintaining uniformity in oil-water flow rate.

Xanthan Gum is non-hazardous and can be safely used in areas and locations of sensitive geographies. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with both fresh and brine water mud rheology
  • Potent substitute to use of polymers with respect to thickening ability and mud contamination, especially in drilling location near water bodies
  • Enhances drilling rate even under low viscosity / high shear conditions
  • Prevents well collapse, blow-outs, improves oil recovery
  • Lubricates drill bit
  • Improves borehole stability
  • Enhances sweep efficiency of water
  • Maintains constant rate of viscosity even in extreme temperature, pressure and salt conditions
  • Reduced suspension time
  • Thixotropic, Non - Newtonian
  • Controls the rate of bacterial conditions
  • Economical

Xanthan Gum Range

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