Welding Coolant

Welding Coolants perform a very critical function in a welding system. They cool the power cables, torches, even the welding power supply. It is important that the correct water coolant be used in these systems to keep them performing at peak efficiency and to prevent costly downtime. Special welding coolants provide the best performance for welding systems. These coolants will also protect your system from freezing, if the coolants is exposed to cold climates.

Welding Coolant is used to cool down the torch, and prevent the electrode and nozzle from melting due to the high temperatures of the plasma arc. The cooling system is closed, viz., the coolant continually circulates through the system removing heat away from the affected components. After cooling the torch, the coolant is slightly warmerthan it was when it entered the torch. It is usually the power leads. If the coolant is just pumped around in a closed circuit, it will keep getting warmer until it fails to cool the torch. To keep the coolant temperature low, it is pumped through either a cooler or a chiller.

Welding Coolant lubricates pump, liners, gasket and seal, reducing maintenance frequencies. The corrosion inhibitors protect iron, steel, aluminium, brass and copper components. The rust inhibitors extend its running life more than others coolant. Plasma coolant is specifically formulated and recommended for all plasma, MIG and TIG torches, as well as for all general industrial applications. Plasma-torch coolant eliminates deposition of corrosive minerals,
built up internally during the operation.

Chemtex's Welding Coolants are non volatile, non-hazardous, thermal stable with dielectric properties, making them suitable for plasma arc welding and tungsten inert gas welding system.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improves cut quality and consistency
  • Increases cutting speeds and material thickness capabilities
  • Extends life of the torch
  • Lessened starting problem of the torch
  • Reduces electrical consumption
  • Non foaming nature
  • High stability, consistent performance
  • Prevents corrosion and rust
  • Eliminates need for coolant additives
  • Maintenance free

Application Areas

  • Heavy-duty Engines
  • Marine Cooling Systems
  • Mixed Fleet
  • Stationary Engines

Brand Names

Radikool Weld Series

Low electrical conductivity coolant designed for TIG applications

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