Chemtex BioBubble Silane Antimicrobial Coating

With most cross transmission of pathogens happening from surfaces and touch, it necessitates the need for routinely disinfection. But daily disinfection is laborious, burdensome, if not less reliable.

“Chemtex BioBubble” series of services and products disposes the need for daily disinfection and brings in a more proactive approach to prevent surface based cross transmission of various diseases. BioBubble your space and protect your guests and employees from Surface Transmission of disease.

This technology is registered by USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) under registration no. EPA 739-R-07-007, and has been the only proven technology for surface antivirus coating. Once a surface is coated with Chemtex BioBubble (Trade Name for Trimethoxysilyl QAC) then there is no need of daily disinfection.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Preventive approach: Safe and long term antimicrobial function
  • Non leaching, non-reactionary technology
  • Transparent mono-molecular antimicrobial coating
  • Cost effective, less laborious
  • Free from SVHC such as Fluorine, PBT/vPVB substances
  • Non-toxic, naturally derived and biodegradable
  • Non corrosive, well compatible
  • Prevents mal odour and biofilm formation

Antimicrobial Coating Service

For Commercial/ Residences

Chemtex BioBubble COAT 90D is a Trimethoxysilyl Quaternary Ammonium Chloride based long lasting invisible coating that kills pathogens upon contact for upto 90days.

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For Automobiles

Chemtex BioBubble MotoCoat is a one time professional treatment, which coats the surface with an invisible anti virus coating giving protection to car interiors for 90 days and painted exteriors for 30 days.

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Over-The-Counter Products

BioBubble HandCoat (24 Hours Hand Sanitizing Foam)
  • Alcohol free hand sanitizer
  • Non-toxic
  • Child Skin friendly
  • Leaves skin moisturized

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BioBubble ElectroCoat (Surface Anti Virus Coat for 15 Days Protection)
  • Easy to Use, Spray & Wipe
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No interference with conductivity
  • Does not contain phenols/ heavy metals

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BioBubble FabriCoat (Antimicrobial Fabric Conditioner lasts 20 Washes)
  • Germ free clothes for daily use
  • Single use lasts 20 washes
  • Non skin irritation
  • Non staining, non bleaching

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BioBubble FloorCoat (Floor Anti Virus Coat for 7 Days)
  • Leaves spotless floors
  • Enticing lavender fragrance
  • Infants and pet friendly
  • Non-staining, non-tainting

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BioBubble Home Kit (Complete Family Protection)

Package Contents:

1x200ml BioBubble HandCoat

1x200ml BioBubble ElectroCoat

1x200ml BioBubble FabriCoat

1x200ml BioBubble FloorCoat

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