Hydrochloric Acid Corrosion Inhibitor designed to inhibit HCl acid corrosion during acid cleaning or pickling. It contains an effective combination of surfactants, solvents and dispersants enabling it to provide corrosion protection in hydrochloric acid baths at relatively high temperatures. These chemicals work to reduce the corrosive attack of hydrochloric acid on metal surfaces. It does this by diffusing from the bulk solution to the metal surface and adsorbing onto the surface creating a protective film to limit the contact of the acid with the base metal.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Protects casings, tubing, and equipment from corrosion by strong acid
  • Excellent wetting efficiency
  • Impeccable fume control
  • Superior thermal & pH stability
  • Highly effective corrosion inhibitor
  • High performance for use in well acidizing, fracture acidizing and stimulation operations
  • Wider compatible MoC
  • Soluble in water and compatible with common oilfield brines
  • Can be used with intensifiers at higher temperatures

Application Areas

  • Acid pickling
  • Scale removal
  • Acid cleaning
  • Oil and Gas Well Acidizing

Brand Names

PROTODIN Range of HCl Inhibitors