Sulphuric Acid Inhibitor serves as an additive uniquely formulated for various industrial processing involving sulphuric acid etching. These inhibitors produce an inhibitory protective film over metals and alloys, even silicon steel, protecting them acid etching.

Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that are added to a chemical stream to prevent corrosion, or lower the rate of corrosion, to extend service lifetime. Corrosion inhibitors are often the most cost-effective way to prevent or control corrosion because they allow less expensive metals for a corrosive environment. These are prudently formulated with the use of superior grade constituents for inhibiting acid effect.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Protects casings, tubing, and equipment from corrosion by strong acid
  • Excellent wetting efficiency
  • Impeccable fume control
  • Superior thermal & pH stability
  • Highly effective corrosion inhibitor
  • High performance for use in well acidizing, fracture acidizing and stimulation operations
  • Wider compatible MoC
  • Soluble in water and compatible with common oilfield brines
  • Can be used with intensifiers at higher temperatures

Application Areas

  • Acid Pickling
  • Scale Removal
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Oil & Gas Well Acidizing

Brand Names