Fatty Alcohol Defoamer

Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer is a versatile oil drilling defoamer capable of effectively removing entrapped air from all types of water based mud under severe field conditions in a wide range of operations. Alcohol based Defoamer is utilized to reduce surface tension in water based drilling fluids as well as solids free work over and completion fluids. Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer is Effective at high temperature and at different pH of water based mud. Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer tolerates high concentration of salts. It is a wide‐application product that reduces the foaming tendencies of water‐base muds. It is compatible with freshwater muds, brackish water muds, seawater muds, saturated salt muds, brine completion systems and all common mud additives. It is easy to mix, works quickly, is effective in low concentrations and is a more persistent defoamer than alternative products.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick action product
  • Effective at low concentrations in a wide range of systems
  • Persistent with defoaming abilities
  • Aids in the removal of dissolved oxygen
  • Controls foaming in fluids viscosified with polymers
  • Helps stabilize pump pressure by removing trapped air and gas
  • Low‐toxicity product
  • Lower environmental impact

Brand Names


Fatty Alcohol based Defoamer

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Handling Measures
and Precautions

Proper human safety products such as splash goggles, lab coat, NIOSH approved gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush them with fresh water and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected.


Should be stored in original containers, away from heat, direct sunlight and combustibles. Store in a cool and dry place. Please refer label and SDS for details.