Non Silicone Defoamer for Paper & Pulp Industry

Non Silicone Defoamer for Paper and Pulp Industry that eliminates foam without creating the silicone-type sheen common with most defoamers. While conventional defoamers which operate via an incompatibility with the water phase, provide good defoaming properties in waterborne coatings but often generate unwanted side effects such as surface defects, poor re-coat ability and a loss of efficiency after relatively short storage periods, non silicone defoamers eliminate foam and micro-foam by attacking foam stabilization on a molecular level, minimizing side effects and reducing the total additive package needed alongside.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Spreads effectively, killing foam and de-aerating in pulp washing and paper making
  • Eco-friendly non hazardous product
  • Eliminates foam without sheen formation
  • Can be added directly to the water
  • Enhanced wetting and defoaming characteristics
  • Reductions in minimum film formation temperature (MFFT)
  • Enhancement of gloss and improved flow and leveling

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Non Silicone Defoamer for Paper & Pulp Industry

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