Silicone has a combination of organic and inorganic molecules which is very unique in the world of polymers. Most of its applications are classified to electronics, paints and constructions. This polymer have four different divisions viz. Fluids, Gels, Rubbers and Resins. Silicone Fluids finds its uses as lubricants in paints, fabrics, paper and pulp industry. They can also be used as defoamers as they show some anti-foaming properties. Silicone Gels are used in electronic gadgets to protect them from damages caused due to oscillations. Silicone Rubbers finds its application in automobile applications because of its resistance to high temperatures. Silicone Resins are non sticky in nature, can be used to remove glutinousness from the surfaces coming in contact with adhesives.


Silicone Oil

Polydimethylsiloxane based Silicone Oil spray adjuvant lowers the surface tension of the aqueous formulations effectively beyond conventional adjuvant’s achievements. Being a super spreading surfactant, if effectively

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