Chemicals able to reduce the intensity of any action and/ or reaction of a particular effect, generally deemed undesirable, are known as suppressants. In some areas of application, the reaction rate and intensity needs to be slowed down in order to get a desired result or to increase the efficiency of the working system.

Suppressant chemicals are used in these cases to meet the standard requirement and provide effective solution according to the needs. Retardants directly inhibits or decelerates growth of any particular event or reaction when used. These chemicals when applied on a reaction, stop or slow down the reaction delaying the whole adverse process. These chemicals find application in areas where a certain reaction or process needs to be stopped so as to avoid any kind of further damage in the system.



Dust Suppressant Additive

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Fire Retardant

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Antifoaming Additive

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Fume Suppressant

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Evaporation Retardant

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Moisture Locking Agent

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