Sulfamic Acid Descalant

Sulfamic Acid Descalant is used for cleaning industrial equipment, even domestic appliances. Main applications include descaling and cleaning water side of heat exchangers and boilers.

Sulfamic Acid can be used for removing scales from industrial equipments caused by processed water. The range of chemicals that classifies under Sulfamic Acid Descalant are Inhibited Sulfamic Acid, Inhibitor for Sulfamic Acid, Sulfamic acid GP Grade, Sulfamic Acid based Descaler. These range of chemicals find most of its use in the chemical and fertilizer industry, dairy and food equipment, brewery, marine, sugar industry etc.

These formulations are non-flammable and even does not give off obnoxious fumes. Enriched with corrosion inhibitors, wetting agents and other chemicals make it a versatile descaling agent safer in terms of equipment corrosion and safety of personnel.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Removal of hard scale depositions from heat exchangers
  • Economical than raw sulfamic acid because about 5-6% of the raw acid strength is used up in  corroding the metallurgy and causes metal loss
  • Frequently used for removing rust and limescale, replacing the volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid
  • Biodegradable
  • Corrosion inhibited and safe for system metal and components
  • Excellent wetting characteristics to aid in removal of organic and greasy foulants

Application Areas

  • Acidic cleaning agent
  • Catalyst for esterification process
  • Dye and pigment manufacturing
  • Herbicide
  • Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins
  • Ingredient in fire extinguishing media. [Sulfamic acid is the main raw material for ammonium sulfamate which is a widely used herbicide and fire retardant material for household product]
  • Pulp and paper industry as a chloride stabilizer
  • Synthesis of nitrous oxide by reaction with nitric acid
  • Silver polishing

Brand Names


Inhibited Sulfamic Acid based Descalant

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Inhibited Sulfamic Acid based Descalant with pH Indicator

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