High pH RO Antiscalant

The performance of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane may suffer a major setback due to build up of impurities on the membrane surface during RO operations. Suspended solids, microorganisms and mineral scales can degrade membrane elements with loss in output and/or rejection levels and reduce total system performance. High pH RO Antiscalant effectively controls deposition of inorganic scales and inhibit scales and disperses colloidal particles in thin-film membrane separation systems.

Application of the same prevents precipitation on the membrane surface, thus reducing the risk of scaling and hazardous acid attacks resulting in efficient plant operations with highest possible conversion rate. They are also compatible with a wide range of coagulants and flocculants and lowers the scale like calcium carbonate, sulphated salts of calcium, barium, strontium, magnesium, calcium fluoride, iron and silica.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effective scale inhibition
  • Alkalinity builder
  • Effective iron fouling control by sequestration
  • Reduced frequency of membrane cleaning
  • Compatible with all types of membranes
  • Biodegradable

Brand Names


RO Antiscalant/ Antifoulant for High Silica Water

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RO Antiscalant/ Antifoulant for High Silica & High Iron Water

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High pH RO Antiscalant

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Super-Threshold RO Antiscalant

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Super Threshold Membrane Antiscalant

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Handling Measures
and Precautions

Proper human safety products such as splash goggles, lab coat, vapor respirator, NIOSH approved gloves and boots should be worn while handling and applying chemicals. Splashes on the skin should be washed off with water immediately. In case of splashing into the eyes, flush them with freshwater and obtain medical attention. Should not be injected.


Should be stored in original containers away from heat, direct sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. Please refer label and SDS for details