For complete protection of office premises

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Each box of Indoor Environment Disinfectant Office Kit contains 5 types of Sanitizers and Disinfectants ideal to disinfect your workplaces and keep people safe.

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ALSTACOL 25+ – Surface Spray Disinfectant (2 x 500ml Bottles with Trigger Spray & 1 x 5-litre Refill Jar)
ALSTASAN HAND RUB – Hand Sanitiser (2 x 580ml Bottles with Dispenser & 1 x 5-litre Refill Jar)
ALSTASAN II 256 – Floor Disinfectant (2 x 500ml Bottles & 1 x 5-litre Refill Jar)

ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 FUME – Silver Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based Air Fumigant 2 x 6ltrs bottles & 1 unit of 1000W SW-F1000 SAILWIN Disinfection Atomizer Fog Machine

ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MiST – Silver Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide based Fog & Spray De-Contaminant 6 x 1ltr bottles & 1 unit of SW-F1200 1200W SAILWIN Nano Spray Steam Guns Disinfection Fog Machine.

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Description Alstasan Hand Rub Alstacol 25+ Alstasan II 256 Alstasan Silvox 150 MiST

Chemtex’s Biosecurity Package contains all that you need to secure yourself, your loved ones and your community. It contains three products: Hand Sanitiser (Alstasan Hand Rub), Surface Spray Disinfectant (Alstacol 25+) and Floor Disinfectant (Alstasan II 256).

Ethyl Alcohol IP – 70% v/v
CHG 20% solution  – 2.5% w/v
Emollients and MoisturizersHow To Use
Ready to use
Simply apply and rub till dryApplication
On palms, hands and elbowDownload Technical Detail Sheet

Ethanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Propanol – 70% v/v
QACs – 0.3%
Other Ingredients – QSHow To Use
Spray and wipe on frequently touched surfacesApplication
On Door Knobs, Handles, Mobile Phones, Glass, Table Tops, Steering Wheels, Keyboards etc.Download Technical Detail Sheet

Twin Chain QACHow To Use
0.4% dilution with water and simply spray or mopApplication
Floor, Tiles, Bathroom Sink, Ceramics etc.Download Technical Detail Sheet

0.5% Accelerated Silver Hydrogen PeroxideHow To Use
Ready-To-Use. Simply pour chemical and spray through atomizers.Application
For Atomized Spraying on Skin, Fabrics, Car, Rooms, Grocery bags, Food packets, Vegetable Washing, etc.Download Brochure

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