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Biosecurity range of disinfectant sprays and liquid tailor-made for your home for complete sanitization and disinfection needs. Hassle-free usage minimizing cost and labour for an effective sanitation program.


ALSTACOL 25+ – Alcohol based Surface Disinfectant
2 x 500ml Bottles (with Trigger Spray)

ALSTASAN HAND RUB  – Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer 
2 x 580ml Bottles (with Dispenser)

ALSTASAN II 256 – Concentrated Hard Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant
2 x 500ml Bottles

Description Alstasan Hand Rub Alstacol 25+ Alstasan II 256

Chemtex’s Biosecurity Package contains all that you need to secure yourself, your loved ones and your community. It contains three products: Hand Sanitiser (Alstasan Hand Rub), Surface Spray Disinfectant (Alstacol 25+) and Floor Disinfectant (Alstasan II 256).

Ethyl Alcohol – 70% v/v
CHG 20% solution – 2.5% w/vHow To Use
Ready to use
Simply apply and rub till dryApplication
On palms, hands and elbowDownload Technical Detail Sheet

Ethanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Propanol – 70% v/v
QAC – 0.3% w/v
Other ingredients – Q.S.How To Use
Ready to use
Simply spray and wipeApplication
On Door Knobs, Handles, Mobile Phones, Glass, Table Tops, Steering Wheels, Keyboards etc.Download Technical Detail Sheet

Twin Chain QACsHow To Use
0.4% dilution with water and simply spray/ mopApplication
Floor, Tiles, Bathroom Sink, Ceramics etc.Download Technical Detail Sheet

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