Chemtex’s Cargo Treatment Additive helps refiners as well as businesses with their crude and refined petroleum products with load quality, taking care of their safety, handling and assisting them with meeting urgent item particulars. Our specialized cargo treatment involves use of stabilizers, inhibitors, dispersants and other additives.

These specific additives are for crude oil and petroleum products stored in Ships, Tankers, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Rail Cars, Iso-tainers, and Barges.

 Key Features and Benefits

  • Customized dosage recommendation to meet client specific recommendation
  • Ensures monetary benefits
  • Maintains purest of quality of finished fuels
  • Nearby observations and inferences, prescient models and exclusive revealing

H2S Scavengers

Widely used during crude extractions, Chemtex’s one mole of Triazine based H2S Scavengers effectively reacts with two moles of H2S to form non-corrosive, non-reactive dithiazine to treat both crude oil and refined products, helping meet product and process specifications. Extensive Use: Crude Oil, Fuel, Gasoline

Pour Point Depressants

Pour Point Depressants: Specifically formulated polymeric additive, modifies wax crystal, limiting crystal size growth and inhibiting wax consolidation so as to ensure normal flow of the crude oil or refined petroleum products even at lower temperatures. Extensive Use: Crude Oil, Fuel

Lubricity Improver

Minimum lubricity is sought out to avoid unwanted wear and tear of fuel injector pumps and fuel injectors. To cut down sulphur content, natural lubricity gets removed in the process which adversely increases the severity of hydro treating. Lubricity improvers restores the required lubricity and in addition, forms a thin film over the container surface, so as to avoid metal-metal contact, inhibiting pitting corrosion too. Extensive Use: Gas Oil, Diesel, Bio-diesel, Jet Fuel

CFPP Additives

Refiners usually opt for CFPP additives for fuel transportation especially in cold weathers where waxy paraffin starts to form in distillate fuel. With this specific additive, it not only lowers the freezing point temperature of the fuel but also crystallizes with the heavy paraffin to form small crystals that can easily pass through a filter, meeting all required client specifications and recommendations. Extensive Use: Gas Oil, Diesel

Degassing Additive

These additives are used for removal of all harmful, toxic and flammable gases from closed chamber or tank through spraying, bringing them out by solubilizing them in water, reducing chances of most fire accidents and other unwanted events. Additives are non-reactive to any crude/fuel reaction. Extensive Use: Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Bio-diesel, Gasoline


Emulsion breaker resin in a water carrier base, handles a wide range of crude products, gives excellent results for breaking oil- water emulsion and helps to reduce water content in produced water. Extensive Use: Crude Oil, Fuel Oil


Diesel / Fuel may get bio-contaminated with aerobic bacteria, sulphate reducing bacteria, algal bloom and fungi due to presence of water molecule. Pre-dosed bactericide at requisite amount inside the storage chamber controls both aerobic slime formers and anaerobic bacteria, which prevents decontamination of finished fuel. Extensive Use: Gas Oil, Diesel, Bio-diesel