Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer & Solutions Provider

"Chemtex", the name derived from Chemical Technology Experts, is India's leading specialty chemicals manufacturer and solutions provider, since 1970, and has served over 28000 clients across diverse industries from 45 countries with a wide product portfolio of over 600 high performance chemicals and 3000 variants.

Application Areas


Speciality Chemicals for Boiler, Cooling Tower, RO Plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants


Chemicals for Drilling, Production, Transportation and Refining of Crude Oil & Gas


Cleaners for housekeeping, institutional, commercial, CIP chemicals, laundry


Glycol based coolant, food grade corrosion inhibitors, eutectic salts, and more


Speciality Chemicals Manufacturers & Solutions Provider with a diversified portfolio catering to various sectors, it is thus appropriate to say “there is a bit of Chemtex for every Industry”

Since 1970...

Chemtex Speciality Limited made a strong start in the year 1970 with strong focus on speciality chemicals.

Since then, more than five decades later, Chemtex has built a strong market presence with over six hundred speciality chemicals and more than 3000 SKU variants, and holding a significant market share in the speciality chemicals industry.

The early 1970s' saw the foundation of Chemtex with vast expansion in the industrial and speciality chemicals sector providing tailor-made solutions to industry specific problems.

Partner With Us

We believe in forging long term relationships in every aspect of our business. Get in touch with us to start working together.


We believe in growing together. As a way to improve our reach and meet the client's needs, we believe in having partners that specialize in certain sectors or concentrate to a certain region, making us locally available at all times.


In today's world of branding and concept marketing, it may not be necessary for one company to produce every chemical. We at Chemtex produce various tailor made chemicals for different companies and re-branded on a contractual basis.


Helping brands establish themselves with their own identity, we offer to provide private labeling for suppliers or retailers. We help our associates create their personalized and unique brand name, even with the illustrations.





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