Chemtex ELC Antifreeze liquid

Chemtex Extended life coolant antifreeze based on ethylene glycol available in various dilutions and based on patented aliphatic carboxylate corrosion inhibitor technology is specifically formulated for heavy duty cooling system applications that require nitrite.

These coolant concentrates are inhibited for multi-metal cavitation protection compatible with all latest model vehicles, including petrol, diesel with heavy-duty applications. Its patented, technologically advanced formulation is based upon a concentrated blend of premium long-lasting inhibitors designed to provide protection against temperature extremes, rust, corrosion, scale, and premature water pump failure.

Antifreeze with inhibitor package

The inhibitor package is designed to protect brass, copper, solder, steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, and other components such as rubber hoses, gaskets, rubber seals, plastic components, etc., commonly found in the engine radiator.

Main applications include heavy-duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental controls being used wherever the OEM recommends a silicate free, extended life coolant that contains nitrites. In mixed fleets where both light duty and heavy-duty trucks are present. Stationary engine applications regardless of fuel type being used. Marine cooling systems where freeze protection is needed and a nitrite containing coolant is recommended.

Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze is recommended for use in on-road, off-road and stationary engine applications that call for an extended life, silicate and phosphate free formulation that contains nitrite and molybdate. Can be used in engines using variable fuel types and variable emission control protocols. Check with your OEM for specific product application requirements.

Meets ASTM D1384, ASTM D4340, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809 Standards.

Available in Fluorescent Green, Intense Green, Intense Blue, Intense Red, Pink Colour Variants.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Helps eliminate the need for SCA's (Supplemental Coolant Additives)
  • Optimal cooling system operation — silicate free formulation improves heat transfer when compared to silicate containing formulations, as silicate deposits can reduce heat transfer and increase downtime due to overheating
  • Maximizes hardware life, with minimal water pump seal wear from silicate free formulation
  • Effective, long term engine protection from corrosion, even at elevated temperatures, of commonly found cooling system metals. Effective at protecting aluminum in high temperature application
  • Prevents pitting corrosion
  • NAP (Nitrite, Amine and Phosphate) free
  • Well compatible with other coolant formulations and supplemental coolant additives
  • Does not cause scaling with hard water
  • Longer shelf life with added preservatives
  • Non foaming nature - reduces nucleate and hotspot boiling

Brand Names

Radikool PI Series

Ethylene glycol based Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze

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