Chemtex Tropical Coolant Antifreeze

Chemtex Tropical Coolant is designed to remove excess heat from an internal combustion engine especially in high heat areas as in tropics. Coolant, or antifreeze, is typically a half-and-half mix of glycol and water. Glycol represents the antifreeze component in coolant, which ensures the liquid does not freeze in cold winter conditions. The glycol also keeps coolant from reaching its boiling point under extreme heat.

An operating engine typically converts only one third of the energy derived through the combustion of fuel into work that moves the vehicle. The other two thirds is converted into heat, of which one third goes out with the exhaust. This leaves the remaining third in the engine block, necessitating the need for a coolant to adsorb this heat, transport it to the radiator and dissipate it into to the environment. Through the removal of this heat by the coolant fluid, the engine is able to operate in an efficient manner. Embedded with anti-corrosive properties to protect the metallic surfaces of the engine's various parts.

Improved heat transfer and lesser internal corrosion contributes significantly to overall operating and maintenance costs. Recommended as a heat transfer fluid for line heaters, ground thawing, athletic fields, grave digging, snow melting systems for loading ramps, walkways, highways, and airfield runways, even HVAC systems as well as solar energy collection systems.

Chemtex Antifreeze-Coolant

Low-silicate, multi-purpose, ethylene glycol-based coolant, available in concentrated form or as 50/50 pre-diluted products, designed for automotive engines, and for heavy-duty diesel engines.

It is aided with additives as specified by your OEM to keep rust and corrosion at bay in your radiator, engine, and car heater. Coolants use ethylene glycol to provide freezing and boiling point protection, as well as a mixed organic acid corrosion inhibitor package that protects engines against liner pitting and corrosion, as well as protecting all system metals, including aluminium.

Chemtex coolant meets ASTM D1384, ASTM D4340, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809 Standards.

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Key Features of Tropical coolants

  • Prevents engine over-heating
  • Protects water pump against impurities
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Safe to dispose
  • Prevents engine damage by dispersing heat faster
  • Non foaming nature – reduces nucleate and hot spot boiling

Brand Names

Radikool HD Series

Heavy-duty tropical car coolant in concentrate & ready-to-use pack

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