Application Areas

Our speciality chemicals are used in a variety of applications.
Explore the applications below.


For the chemical treatment of water a great variety of chemicals can be applied


Speciality chemicals and custom blending to chemical performance monitoring


Chemicals meeting specific cleaning needs for industrial areas, institutes, SMEs


Thermally engineered chemicals to prevent overheating, or storing thermal energy

From the
Chairman's Desk

We at Chemtex always think, how can we add a bit of Chemtex to our clients needs. Our aim is to help our clients by way of cutting edge technology and forge relationships that will go a long way.

RG Karnani, Founder.


Industries Served

With our vast range of speciality chemicals catering to various industrial sectors, it is appropriate to say
“there is a bit of Chemtex for every Industry”

Partner With Us

We believe in forging long term relationships in every aspect of our business.
Get in touch with us to start working together.


We believe in growing together. As a way to improve our reach and meet the client's needs, we believe in having partners that specialize in certain sectors or concentrate to a certain region, making us locally available at all times.


In today's world of branding and concept marketing, it may not be necessary for one company to produce every chemical. We at Chemtex produce various tailor made chemicals for different companies and re-branded on a contractual basis.


Helping brands establish themselves with their own identity, we offer to provide private labeling for suppliers or retailers. We help our associates create their personalized and unique brand name, even with the illustrations.


Clients Worldwide

"They have great service, quality products and trustworthy"

R Dubey

“They are responsive, they bring new ideas and they care about the success of our organization. Highly Recommended.”

Dhiraj Singh

"Chemical Technology Experts, Thats what They say and Thats what I believe too"

Manish Kumar

"Thank you for the prompt response and assurance. I can count on them to deliver.”

George Fleming

"Dealing with this industry on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy and convenient. Just making a telephone call or a simple mail about our queries does the thing while we concentrate on our business". Thank You Chemtex!

A. Martin



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