Marine transport or rather water transport relates to the transportation or movement of passengers or goods from one place to another through dedicated water-ways. Main criteria of this mode of transport is that the source and the destination should be connected directly or indirectly with large water bodies. This medium of transport is cheaper compared to the air transport, but takes longer duration to cover distances. This is why it is so popular among industrial sectors when they have to send or receive bulk cargo and also it has an added advantage of only being a mode of transport that can afford movement of the same within cost effective rates. So being such an important transportation sector, maintenance becomes very significant too. Water treatment chemicals, engine chemicals, surface treatment chemicals are some of the utility chemicals that find huge application in this sector.

Cleaning & Hygiene

The choice of cleaner or disinfectant, use concentration and exposure time is based on the degree and type of soil along with the risk of infection associated.

Engine Care

Coolants or heat transfer fluids regulate engine temperature and prevent overheating of engine components. Coolant additives

HVAC & Refrigeration

HVACnR system require heavy-duty heat transfer fluids and maintenance chemicals to maintain peak performance and safe operation.

Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment is required for removal of substances of toxic nature to the system. Boiler Water Treatment is needed

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment such as derusting, rust prevention, degreasing are the part of maintenance programs that are aimed to keep