Inhibited Propylene Glycol Antifreeze

Tono Frost 593 is an inhibited propylene glycol antifreeze manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited for use as antifreeze coolant, heat transfer fluid.

It is commonly used as a heat transfer fluid with corrosion inhibitors designed to minimize metal corrosion to bronze, copper, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel materials. It is specially designed for antifreeze or boiler applications providing freeze protection and corrosion protect against iron, aluminum, and bronze metals.

Using Inhibited Propylene Glycol for heat transfer applications instead of brine solutions or uninhibited propylene glycol reduces maintenance costs and thereby improves heat transfer efficiency.

Chemtex Tono Frost 593 is NSF certified with HT1 (Heat transfer fluid with incidental contact).

With its unique combination of properties propylene glycol supports many uses. It serves as a solvent; Connects and stabilizes insoluble fluids (emulsifier); Helps to bind and transport other substances (excipient); Holds and dissolves active ingredients equally in a medium; Attracts/holds water/moisture (hygroscopic); Reduces freezing point, increases boiling point; chemically inert.

Propylene Glycol has been classified as “generally recognized as safe,” and acceptable for use in food and beverage processing, drugs and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and as direct food additive. The World Health Organization accepts dietary intake of Propylene Glycol up to 25mg/kg body weight

Key Features and Benefits

  • Enhances cooling rate
  • Increases system production rate
  • Wider operation temperature range
  • Prevents scaling and choking of pipelines
  • Reduces electrical consumption
  • Non foaming nature
  • High stability, consistent performance
  • Corrosion inhibited
  • Prevents bio-fouling and microbial induced corrosion
  • Eliminates need for coolant additives
  • Longer operational life than water and brine coolants
  • Available in coloured variant for easy leak detection


NSF - Tono frost 593
HT1 Food safe
FSSAI Licenced Chemtex Speciality Ltd

Brand Name

Tono Frost 593

Pre-Inhibited Propylene Glycol based heat Transfer Fluid.

NSF certified with HT1 (Heat transfer fluid with incidental contact)

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