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Chemtex BioBubble Vehicle Disinfection Services

USEPA Silane antimicrobial long lasting surface coating technology


Why Chemtex BioBubble over regular
Sanitization Services?


One Service Lasts
for 90 Days

One-time professional treatment which coats the intended surfaces with an invisible Anti viral coating which gives protection up to 90 days!

Sealed Bottle for
Every Service

Chemtex BioBubble Service is done with a New Sealed Product Bottle every time.


Chemtex BioBubble Antimicrobial Coating is invisible, odourless, non tainting, non-toxic

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    Surface Anti-virus Vehicle Disinfection Services & Coating for 90 days

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    ◎    Sustained antimicrobial protection for 90 days
    ◎    Suitable for residential or commercial spaces
    ◎    Trained Professionals for certified protocols
    ◎    Certificate and sticker for authentication
    ◎    End-to-end managed process

    Apply on all Touch points

    Chemtex BioBubble MotoCoat Vehicle Disinfection Services for Seats, Armrests, Floor mats, Dashboard Console, Steering Wheel, Brake lever, Gear Knobs, Door handles, ORVM Adjusts, AC & Music System, Exterior Painted & Non Painted Surfaces

    Personal Transport

    Hatchback, SUV, MPV, Van

    Public Transport

    Taxi, Tempo, Bus

    Emergency Transport


    Livestock and Grocery Transport

    Truck, Cargo Carrier, Tankers

    Advantages of Chemtex Biobubble
    Vehicle Disinfection Services

    Long Lasting

    The coating is long lasting and saves from the hassle of daily sanitization.

    Preventive Approach

    Safe and long term antimicrobial function


    Naturally derived and completely biodegradable, prevents mal odour and bio film formation

    Non Leaching

    Not a reactionary technology, but completely non leaching in usage

    Non Corrosive

    Compatible with most metal surfaces

    Cost Effective

    Saves on cost, less laborious on a daily basis

    How does it work?

    Chemtex Biobubble on application forms a defensive layer around the application surface which acts just like a series of invisible spike structures 10 nm in length (as depicted) which perforate the microbial cell membranes as soon as they come in contact with the surface. Even effective on genome size of 5 kB.

    Chemtex Biobubble takes a preventive approach, forming a cationic layer on the application surface which acts like a series of “spikes” that pierce through the microbial cell membranes on contact. The layer remains intact for a considerable period of time and keeps on its antimicrobial performance for the same.

    This defensive bubble layer remains intact for days and keeps on its antimicrobial performance for this period.

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    Asset 2

    Each Biobubble molecule is made up of
    three natural parts


    Silane derived from “Sand” which serves as
    a Surface Anchor


    Nitrogen derived from “Air” which
    serves as a Bonding Agent


    Quat-chain derived from "Carbon" serve
    as Spikes

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    Fight against COVID-19 and protect your family, friends and colleagues



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