Chemtex Antimicrobial Coating

To describe Antimicrobial Coatings rudimentarily, it is an advanced germ kill chemistry which creates an invisible layer (shield) over applied surfaces which inhibits microbial contamination for an impressive time period. It is less arduous, cost saving and can be applied on all surfaces, without having any impact on its durability.

Protection that stays, Chemtex BioBubble

How is Antimicrobial Coating beneficial

  • Long term protection from surface borne pathogens
  • With advanced retentive silane technology
  • Tested efficacy in accordance to clinically approved European Standards EN-13697 for 90 days
  • Easy to apply, cost effective
  • Formulated for places with high human traffic
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable
  • Does not hamper routine cleaning programs

Secondary transmission occurs through contaminated surfaces (fomites). You are bound to get infected by touching a surface or object if it has virus on it as they get spread only through a medium or a host. Not only you, after that wherever you go, you sit, you eat, the surroundings come at high viral spread risk, without coming to anyone’s notice.

Coming close to an infected surface can bring about transmission of germs. Subsequently, it becomes utmost necessary to disinfect all human contact surfaces in your home, office or close arounds. Hotspots like door knobs, handles, armrests, railings, table tops, switches, lift buttons, keys, staircase, desks, phones, keyboards, glass surfaces, tap, faucets, sinks, and so forth should be decontaminated before use. Use of antimicrobial coatings on these surfaces make them germ free and prevent further contamination of the same.

100x Effective than Regular Disinfection

Regular disinfection is tedious at times, to put it directly. Take any 10 disinfectants bottle name, 8 of them in their usage directions would state the process is to be repeated two times, three time or even four times a day.

Though in case of antimicrobial coatings, use it once and stay secured for a more drawn-out time period.

One cannot solely rely on regular disinfection program due to its transitory impact. Antimicrobial Coating used as a preventive course of action is a more secure way of sanitization approach. This coated surface kills persistent microbes and does not allow germs and viruses to settle, inhibiting further microbial colonization on contrary to daily disinfection, a curative one. Antimicrobial coatings reduce the pace of cross transmission of pathogens and does not get rubbed off easily, instantly killing microbes on contact basis and further.

Chemtex Speciality Limited introduces BioBubble that disposes the necessity of everyday disinfection and gets the proactive way to combat with surface based cross transmission of various diseases. With more than 600 specialty chemicals under the brand, Chemtex thrives to provide the best possible solution to some of the most muddled issues and with introduction of BioBubble, they look to ease the process of disinfection and sanitation.

Benefits of Chemtex BioBubble range of Antimicrobial Coating Products & Services:

  • Antimicrobial protection to surfaces for sustainable time period with each application
  • 100% organic product, no residual toxicity
  • Non-corrosive, Non-leaching, Multipurpose application
  • No effects on durability
  • USEPA Antimicrobial Science Division Approved Formulation
  • Non-Toxic and safe by FDA affiliated laboratory as per OECD 203 Guidelines
  • Has been tested as per European Standard EN-13697 for 90 days


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