Petrochemicals or petroleum products are obtained from physical and chemical synthesis of petroleum. Petrochemicals are mainly classified into two levels, Olefin Petrochemicals and Aromatic Petrochemicals. Both of these levels are obtained from oil refineries through breaking down of long chains of hydrocarbons into simple hydrocarbon molecules.

Raw Natural Gas are processed in natural gas processing chamber, generating methane, ethane, propane and butane gases and are sent to steam cracker. Similarly Crude Oil are processed in petroleum refinery, generating Gas oil, benzene, toluene and other organic compound and are sent to steam cracker. From steam cracker, The petrochemical products are produced like ethylene, propylene, butadiene and other byproducts.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals serves different industries like automotive, bio fuel, pipeline operations, power generation, refineries, Upstream-Midstream-Downstream and various other petrochemical application based industries.

Oil Field Chemicals (Upstream)

Oil Field Chemicals, by its name can be understood as chemicals used in oilfields or oil well sites

Oil Storage & Transportation (Midstream)

Another major part of Oil and Gas industries is Midstream. This part involves the transportation of crude oil to various refineries

Refineries & Petrochem (Downstream)

Another major part of Oil and Gas industries is Downstream. This part involves refining and purification of crude oil for end users applications through various processings ...