Solar Power Plants or rather Solar Energy is cementing an important position in power supply system day by day. The main reason behind its popularity is because neither it produces any toxic emissions nor it causes any type of pollution. Solar Power Plants work on basis of energy conversion theory where light energy converts into electrical energy or electricity through mirrors, reflecting panels or converging lenses.

The chemicals that classifies under Solar Power Plants category are Surface Treatment Chemicals and Performance Chemicals. These special chemicals ensure effective heat transfer from solar panel surfaces and upgrade their performing capacity.

Solar Panel Cleaners

Specialized cleaners for solar panels, PV modules, etc.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Organic heat transfer fluid widely used in specific dilutions as coolant antifreeze in cooling systems


Performance Additives for Constructions, Coal, Energy, Steel

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment such as derusting, rust prevention, degreasing are the part of maintenance programs that are aimed