The ideal use of a coolant is to prevent a device from getting over-heated. A coolant needs to have these basic properties like it should have high heat capacity and lower viscosity, should be non-toxic, chemically inert and should not be corrosive to the application system.
The key product ranges included under Coolant Additives have delivered its merit to a wide range of formulations. The Coolant Additives helps the industrial equipments in producing superior performance by rendering them protection from rust, sludge and scale deposits and any contamination in the radiator. Corrosion Inhibitors are used in the composition of these Coolant Additives during processing so as to ensure perfect protection to equipments from rust attack.

Automotive Coolant

Tropical Coolant

A tropical engine coolant is a heat transfer fluid designed to remove excess heat from an internal combustion engine especially in high heat area. It also serves to prevent freezing and most importantly

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ELC Antifreeze

ELC Antifreeze/Coolant products are single phase, ethylene glycol based products manufactured by Chemtex Speciality Limited that are available in various dilutions that are based

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Industrial Coolant

Welding Coolant

Especially for welding applications developed coolant liquids possess properties of very low conductance that considerably reduce the electrical corrosion of all metal parts of the cooling system and therefore

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