Silicone Antifoam

Silicone Antifoam Emulsion designed to provide optimum anti foaming performance combined with excellent dilution stability and foam knock down performance. Milky white in colour, available in various solid contents. It effectively knocks down surface foam to release entrained air. It is also used in non-foaming system like crude oil and oil refining.

Foam is considered as a very common problem in manufacturing sectors. They pose problem on surface coating. Use of silicone antifoam eradicates these foams without causing any reduction of the lubricity of the fluid and also will not stain non-ferrous material. Used in various applications such as:

Cooling water treatment, Effluent Treatment, Paper Industry, Agro Chemicals, Paint Industries, Fertilizers, Textiles, Detergent, Cement Processing, Latex Manufacturing, Polymerization Reactions, Oil and Natural Gas Production, Glass Cleaner, Coolants and Antifreeze.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent dilution in solution
  • Effective foam knock down properties
  • Does not affect fluid flow
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use

Brand Names


PDMS based Antifoam chemical

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