All of us know that we need to wash our hands regularly to keep germs at bay. But do we ever stop to think about cleaning our mobile phones? Personal touchscreen devices are everywhere, potentially harbouring pathogens by catering as a fomite. Yes, the average phone is covered in germs 25,127 germs per square inch, to be precise.

As a comparison, here’s another list of daily items to consider.

Toilet seat: 1,201 germs per square inch

Kitchen counter: 1,736 bacteria per square inch

Pet food dish: 2,110 germs per square inch

Checkout screen: 4,500 germs per square inch

Doorknob: 8,643 germs per square inch

Now imagine the 25,127 germs per square inch on your mobile phone.

Worrisome, right?

“If you put virus on a surface, like an iPhone, about 30 percent of it will get on your fingertips,” In turn, “a fair amount of it may go from your fingers to your eyes, mouth or nose,” the most likely routes of infection. Of course, no one can be sure how many people have gotten sick from sharing touch-screen electronics. But the devices add to the growing list of so-called fomites — frequently handled objects — that have the potential of spreading disease.” Seattle Times

A study by some scientists in at the University of Arizona confirmed that your cellphone screen is 18 times more unhygienic than your toilet seat, and going by the figures the claims are just.

Among the measures taken, one basic rule that health professionals have stressed the most has been to maintain hygiene and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

While we have been focusing on sanitizing and washing our hands innumerable times a day, most of us have forgotten our mobile phones, which in many ways is housing hundreds of viruses — including the coronavirus, which is claimed to live on the glass for up to nine days.

Our phones live in our palms and pockets and also comes quite frequently in contact with our faces for not only making and receiving calls but also responding to messages and emails.

Mobile screen cleaner and disinfectant chemicals are often sought out most and we have gotten a class leading product to disinfect mobile phones along with other high contact surfaces such as laptops, elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, telephone, printers/scanners, machines

Disinfect mobile phone with ALSTACOL 25+ in three simple steps:

 Step 1: Simply spray ALSTACOL 25+ on a cotton cloth or swab or microfiber


Step 2: Wipe clean the entire cellphone surface, glass in particular, caring for the panels and curves.


Step 3: Air dry for 15 seconds.

Congratulations! Your phone is free of pathogens.


Mobile phones should be sanitized for at least two times a day.

ALSTACOL 25+ is a 70% Alcohol based Surface Disinfectant for spray wiping the high contact surfaces such as elevator buttons, handrails / handles and call buttons, escalator handrails, public counters, intercom systems, telephone, printers/scanners, and other office machines. Frequently touched areas like table tops, chair handles, pens, diary files, keyboards, mouse, mouse pad, tea/coffee dispensing machines etc. Metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys, etc.

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