24-hour hand sanitizer

Our hands are exposed the most, be it offices, markets, availing public transport, dining out, or even while strolling down the footpath. And, these common touch points such as tables, chairs, elevator buttons, doorknobs, switches, phones, touch screens, remote controls, computer keyboards, handles, desks, tubs, sinks, railings, common surfaces which are touched by all. Not everyone has the same hygiene as you. For such obvious reasons, these surfaces act as vectors for disease transmission.


With this looming issue, regular hand washing with soap and water and or use of hand sanitizers at regular intervals has been for long recommended by leading health institutes and top professionals. Since soap and water is not that easily available, and frankly quite inconvenient to carry, people resort to use of hand sanitizers, may be excessively. There is no proper way to use hand sanitizer, we use it as per convenience. It even makes people panic if you forget your sanitizer at home. But does anyone consider the negative effects of hand sanitizer. We do!

With time, observations have surfaced up regarding the effect of sanitizer on hands. No doubt about efficacy, but the concerns exist after application. The complications start building up after regular usage. Some of them briefed below:

  • Most hand sanitizer consists up of at least 60% alcohol, such as Ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol that works as an antiseptic. Persistent contact with our skin increases chances of hand dermatitis or 'eczema’, including redness, dryness, cracks, and even more.
  • Some have added thickeners or softeners which denatures the alcohol efficacy.
  • Alcohol has a strong odour, which is neutralized with additional fragrances mostly containing phthalates or parabens mostly adding to the list of toxic hand sanitizers that can alter hormone functioning, birth outcomes, etc.
  • Hand Sanitizers are either alcohol-based or alcohol-free. The alcohol-free ones contain antiseptics such as Triclosan or Benzalkonium Chlorides whose overuse might cause various health hazards on prolonged application, having adverse consequences on fertility, foetal development, and other complications.

It becomes quite tiring and significantly impassable to sanitize our hands after each touch. Regardless of whether we clean our hands after each and every touch, sanitization is restricted to just our next hand contact, which may not be at a gap of even a minute.

Presenting Chemtex BioBubble HandCoat with Retentive Silane based Antimicrobial Technology keeping hands germ free and protected for up to 24 hours with a single usage.

Chemtex BioBubble series of protective antimicrobial coating amasses a retentive silane-based technology which works by forming a series of spikes on applied surfaces destroying pathogens as small as 0.1 micron upon contact. It does not work chemically, but mechanically.

Chemtex BioBubble HandCoat – Alcohol free 24-hour hand sanitizer

Chemtex BioBubble alcohol free hand sanitizer ingredients include 2.5% TMS-QAC with permissible emollients and moisturizers in purified water. It comes in an easy and convenient packaging with a foam dispenser.

What makes Chemtex BioBubble HandCoat the better choice

  • USEPA registered ingredient
  • Works unbiased, not depending on the type of pathogen, but the size, covering nearly all bacteria, viruses, spores
  • Tested as per EU Standard EN-13697 standards on lipophilic enveloped viruses, with 24 hours of uninterrupted protection upon each application
  • Child friendly hand sanitizer; gentle on skin for use in all age groups
  • Free from abrasive and harsh chemicals, chlorine, peroxides and does not cause skin irritation, allergy, or redness.
  • No added fragrance, non-toxic, non-residual, no-rinse formula

Chemtex Speciality Limited is the first in India, and sixth globally to develop this revolutionary technology.

Chemtex 24 hour hand sanitizer