Aquaculture refers to the production and conservation of aquatic plants and aquatic animals under controlled artificial conditions. Aquatic animals like fish, crabs, prawns, squids are preserved and maintained by aqua farmers to support the increasing demand for human consumption.

Aquaculture's popularity is because of its low hazardous impact on environment and yet producing sufficient supply to market demands. Variants of agro-chemicals are used in aqua farming for enhanced and effective growth of aquatic organisms

Aquaculture Chemicals

QAC based Disinfectant

QAC based Disinfectants of broad spectrum nature are based on third and fourth generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds...

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Iodophor based Disinfectant

Non-chlorine, non-phenol, non-oxidizing disinfectant based on iodine (in the form of iodophor)

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