Hatchery refers to a place where eggs of poultry are preserved and hatched under suitable and desirable conditions created artificially. Hatcheries are made to produce or cultivate breeds of fisheries and poultries for conservation or may be for economical reasons.

Veterinary Chemicals

QAC based Disinfectant

The quaternary ammonium compounds are a family of antimicrobial compounds considered as potent in its disinfectant

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Benzalkonium Chloride

Benzalkonium Chloride is primarily used as a preservative and antimicrobial agent, and secondarily used as a surfactant. It works

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Peracetic Acid based Poultry Disinfectant

Poultry Peracetic Acid based Disinfectant is a liquid sanitizer for poultry industry. It’s no rinse, non-foaming formula, 

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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Poultry Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Poultry Disinfectant is broad spectrum multi-functional biodegradable nature

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Ammonia Odour Control

Ammonia Odor Locking Chemical is produced using natural non-toxic minerals. These crystals in their honeycomb structure of small 

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