Horticulture, a branch of agriculture dealing with blending up of different crops grown on different rows but together. It is different from agriculture in terms of scale, area, production size, investment and recovery and manpower. Agriculture works on vast spaces on these terms whereas horticulture refers to the relatively smaller spaces. The end product of horticulture can support the demand of low population densities. Mainly high generating revenue crops like seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown in horticulture system.

Soil Sterilization

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Agriculture Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen based Agriculture Disinfectant is a synergy of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with Nano silver ions, in 

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Soil Fumigant

Soil fumigants are pesticides that, when applied to soil, form a gas to control pests that live in the soil and can 

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Growth Promoters

Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Super Absorbent Polymers used in agriculture are mostly prepared from acrylic acids and a cross-linking 

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Agricultural Spray Adjuvant

Agricultural spray adjuvants are used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides,

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