Horticulture is a branch of agriculture that specializes in fruit, veg, shrubs, and trees. It is a technology and business involved in plant cultivation for human use. It works in the disciplines of plant cultivation, crop production, plant breeding. It is different from agriculture in terms of area, production size, investment, recovery, and manpower. It works to improve crop yield, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. Horticulture involves intensive cultural practices where plants are actually given individual attention. The end product of horticulture can support the demand for low population densities. Mainly high generating revenue crops like seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown in the horticulture system.

Floriculture is the aesthetic of horticulture that includes the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens or the floral industry. This industry took a giant step in the export market. The demand for chemicals for this industry has been successively increased according to needs.
Our wide range of chemicals for this industry help in maintaining farm bio-security and increase in production, at the same time enabling to reduce the energy and labor.

Soil Sterilization

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Agriculture Disinfectant

Silver Hydrogen based Agriculture Disinfectant is a synergy of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with Nano silver ions, in 

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Metam Sodium Soil Fumigant

Soil fumigants are pesticides that, when applied to soil, form a gas to control pests that live in the soil and can 

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Growth Promoters

Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Marketed under trade name of Alsta Hydrogel, this super absorbent hydrogel polymer has the capability of holding water up to 500 - 600 times its own weight, helping dry or rain fed agriculture retain water for longer periods, thereby minimizing irrigation frequency in drought prone and/ or rain fed agriculture areas.

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Agricultural Fertilizer Spreader

Agricultural spray adjuvants are used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides,

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