Boiler antiscalant chemicals are multipurpose heavy-duty chemicals used for removal of scales, rust inside boiler systems. It effectively removes heavy deposits of water scale and iron oxides. It has the ability to remove lime, rust deposits and oily contaminants. Utilizing these products increases the life cycle of boiler protection resulting savings of cost due to less boiler downtime and energy savings due to the absence of scale.

Boiler Antiscalant is used for the purpose of deterrence of scaling and elimination of boiler deposits. It can also adjust the pH of the water which in turn prevents corrosion of tubes. Boiler antiscalant and boiler water pH booster increases the productivity of the plant that saves energy. Effective antiscalants are profitable for users for its round the year savings of power and labor, and increase in production. Use of antiscalant is a prime necessity to cope up with the huge production targets.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent cleaning efficacy
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Wetting agent for deep scale penetration
  • Precipitated calcium salts, iron and silica are conditioned and kept free flowing
  • Additional dispersants to fluidize the scale forming material
  • Excellent removal of oil and grease
  • Non-adherent and free flowing sludge does not form deposits on the internal surface
  • Reduces maintenance cost and number of shutdowns for cleaning
  • Reduces energy cost by keeping all exchanger surfaces clean, improving heat transfer efficiency

Product Range