Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals from Chemtex

Major problems associated with cooling water systems


Manufacturing of common metals used in cooling systems, such as mild steel, involves removing oxygen from the natural ore. Cooling water systems are an ideal environment for the reversion of the metal to the original oxide state. This reversion process is called corrosion.

pH Management

Maintaining the proper pH level in cooling water is essential for corrosion control and to optimize the effectiveness of other water treatment chemicals. pH adjusters are used to keep the water within the desired range.

Scale & Fouling

Minerals such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and magnesium silicate are relatively insoluble in water and can precipitate out of the water to form scale deposits when exposed to conditions commonly found in cooling water systems.

Biological Contamination

Cooling water systems provide an ideal environment for microbial organisms such as algae, fungi to grow, multiply, and cause deposit problems in heat exchange equipment.

Microbial growth can strongly influence corrosion, fouling, and scale formation, if not controlled properly. Macrofouling can occur in once-through cooling systems or water intakes in lakes and rivers.

Various species of clams, mussels, and other marine organisms can attach to the piping, reducing water flow and increasing corrosion.

Scale and corrosion, bio fouling, are one of many issues that lead to reduced heat transfer efficiency, increase in maintenance or replacement costs, increase in fuel consumption and down-time. The cooling water side of the heat exchangers fouled with deposits and corrosion cause high power consumption and system failure

While these issues can lead to cooling tower damage and added downtime for repairs, they can also hinder operational efficiencies by impacting heat transfer. If scale, grime, or microbiological buildup coats your heat transfer surfaces, it impairs water-cooling ability, meaning you have to run up operational and energy costs.

Chemtex Cooling Tower range of Chemicals

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor is a highly effective blend that controls and inhibits scale, corrosion and non-biological fouling in cooling water

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Passivating & Descaling Chemicals

Descalant Chemical is a blend of acidic compounds which can be used to remove lime scale from metal surfaces. Acidic compounds

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Cooling Water Biocide

The Cooling Tower Biocides are the chemicals which are used to remove or inhibit the formation of biological fouling. These formulated biocides utilize...

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A Dispersant is a specifically formulated chemical used on liquid/fluid heterogeneous mixtures in order to separate

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Biodispersant is extensively used to prevent bio-fouling caused by the buildup of slimes, algae and bacterial deposits. Continuous operation

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