Suspended solids, microorganisms and mineral scale can foul membrane elements. These deposits can cause loss in output and/or rejection levels and reduce total system performance.

RO chemicals reduces deposits, impurities, and scale from system’s membranes. Antiscalant, antifoulant and membrane cleaners are specially designed chemicals that keep these contaminants from attaching to the membrane surface.


Low pH RO Antiscalant

Low pH antiscalant is a special formulation designed to inhibit deposition of inorganic scales particularly for RO membrane systems. They are efficiently utilized in inhibition of multiple

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Neutral pH RO Antiscalant

A neutral pH RO Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis Membrane is effective in controlling deposition of inorganic scales. Neutral RO antiscalant is highly effective

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High pH RO Antiscalant

The performance of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane may suffer a major setback due to build up of impurities on the membrane surface during RO operations. Suspended Solids,

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RO Membrane Cleaner

Membrane Cleaner is a fast acting formulation for cleaning of RO/NF/UF membranes by dissolving

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RO Membrane Disinfectant

Continuous usage of reverse osmosis results into productivity reduction, increase power consumption, reduce flow rate and lower output quality. We formulate this biocide is non-oxidizing biocide that effectively responds against micro-organisms,

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De-chlorination Chemical

Most public water suppliers uses chlorine or chloramine to disinfect water from bacterias and viruses. Chlorine is generally added as a gas or liquid to produce a free chlorine residual that helps in eliminating harmful micro-organisms from the water. But chlorine

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Food Grade Mineral Additives

Food grade mineral additives quickly add elements like copper, manganese, selenium, iron and of course calcium and magnesium into your drinking water.

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Jar Washing Chemical

Jar Cleaning Chemical find most of its application for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the Dairy, Food and Beverage industry. The formulation is highly effective at removing

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