Loss of metal in boiler occurs due to electrochemical reaction, physical erosion or bio-fouling which is determined by impurities present in feed water or water corrosiveness that includes minerals present, DO content, acidity, etc., leading to confined corrosion, rusting of pipes and tubular sections, uneven leakages and even operational failure.

Chemtex's Boiler Corrosion Inhibitors are film forming amino-organic formulations which on application, forms a passivation layer over metal surface and inhibits any type of oxidation reaction between corrosive agents and metal ions.


Key Features and Benefits

  • With coherent characteristics, the total system can be protected from both acidic and oxidative corrosion from a single feed point making the distribution system easy and simple
  • Organic, Biodegradable
  • Cost effective treatment 
  • Does not add to the TDS of boiler water

Brand Names


Based on Morpholine, Cyclohexylamine, DEHA (Diethylhydroxylamine), etc. 

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