Bio-dispersant is extensively used to prevent bio-fouling caused by the buildup of slimes, algae and microbial deposits. Continuous operation of cooling towers initiates the formation of theses biofilms on the surface due to micro-organisms which can be eradicated by the application of bio-dispersants. These formulations are superlatively known for its features like its ability to improvise the efficacy of other biocides, its compatibility with all biocides and its using of relatively less volume of micro-biocides.

This chemical formulation is excellent in against Microbiologically Induced Corrosion and suitable to be utilized in air washers, evaporative condensers, cooling water heat exchangers, blow molding machines, DG sets, etc. These chemicals cut and remove the biofilm, organic materials and foulants. These products are engineered to supplement cooling system inhibitor/dispersants and biocides to maintain clean surfaces in cooling towers and heat transfer equipment.

Addition of bio-dispersant chemicals not only help in dispersing the deposits/ bacterial slime, but also increases the efficiency of biocides by breaking the deposits, which allows an easy access of biocides to the microorganisms.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Controls MIC/ Microbial Induced Corrosion
  • Compatible with other oxidizing, non-oxidizing biocides
  • Biodegradable Nature
  • Removes Biofilms
  • Increases Biocidal Efficacy

Product Variants

Alstacool BD Series

Bio-dispersants for Open / Closed Loop Cooling Water Systems

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