Cooling Water Biocides are used to remove or inhibit the formation of biological fouling. These formulations utilize high quality oxidized and non-oxidized constituents to ensure core prevention from fungi, spores, bacteria and other organisms detoriate the condition of cooling towers. These biocides are utilized in HVAC, Air Conditioning, dairy and ice cream processing units and breweries. These biocides have the ability to prevent all types of water contamination.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Biocidal, fungicidal, algaecide
  • Destroys biofilms
  • Prevents biological and chemical corrosion
  • Dispersant ability
  • Can be used in all conditions & convenient to handle, even accidental excessive quantities do not harm the system
  • Reduces power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system
  • Reduces acid usage for pH maintenance
  • Reduces plant shut down time
  • Environment friendly & degradable

Product Variants

Alstacide CW Series

Oxidizing / Non-Oxidizing Biocide for Cooling Water Treatment

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