Chemtex Passivating & Descaling Chemicals are specifically formulated blend of organic acidic compounds with various alkaline carbonate salts and non-intrusive technology for removal of lime scales from metal surfaces. These chemicals provide excellent protection to cooling tower equipment from scaling. 

The characteristics, which make these chemicals notable in the market are due to its ability of removing rust & scales, its precise pH value, its suitableness for high & low pressure boilers and its ability to offer excellent protection from tube failures. The chemicals are suitable for descaling the equipment utilized in pharmaceuticals, oil refineries, power plants, food industries and beverage industries.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Cleaning Efficacy
  • Wetting Agent For Scale Penetration
  • Inbuilt Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Defoaming Property
  • De-rusting Property

Product Variants

Alstascale DS Series

Heavy-duty Liquid Descalant for Hard Water Scales with High Silica/ Silicate Deposits

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Alstascale PS Series

Metal Passivating Chemical

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