Non-Ionic Polyelectrolyte

Non-Ionic Polyelectrolyte used for flocculation in Effluent Treatment, for settling of sludge after coagulation. Polymer based product. When formulated with water, this product's efficiency is higher than any other types of polyelectrolyte. Among several applications, non-ionic polyelectrolyte is responsible for modifying stability and flow properties of aqueous solutions and gels. Polyelectrolytes are used for treatment of water through various processes. These can also be used to destabilize a colloidal suspension, and help initiate flocculation. For the qualities that this polyelectrolyte possesses, they prove to be beneficial in water treatment and in oil recovery.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Economical to use, effective at very low dosages
  • Reduced handling and storage cost
  • Higher solids capture
    Increased clarity, and greater throughput rate attained
  • Air flotation operations produce clearer underflows and greater throughput

Brand Names

ALSTAFLOC Series (Powder)
ALSTAFLOC Series (Liquid)